Simona Walters is an experienced freelance photographer in commercial, portrait, and event photography, having completed well over 100+ portrait shoots and more event and commercial shoots than she can count. She has worked with clients all over the eastern part of the United States and Southern Spain for over 8 years.


Simona enjoys working with each client to reach and exceed their expectations and has recently begun working in real estate photography as well as product photography with clients like Ecodomo, Future Research, Door Dash, Bring a Trailer, Spot Hero and Landing. She has a reputation for over giving and being fast and reliable when it comes to providing for her clients.

Community outreach is important to Simona and she has volunteered her services to events such as Night to Shine in Greenville, SC and regularly volunteers for Special Hope out of Greenville, SC. 

Featured as one of the Best Photographers in Charlotte!